«Scotland: Country of traditions. Шотландия: страна традиций. Горские игры»

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Горшкова Елена Алексеевна, учитель английского языка МОУ гимназии №2 города Сургута

Выступление на семинаре «Применение интерактивной доски (Smart, Sitronics) в преподавании математики, информатики, английского языка»

Тип урока: урок повторения и закрепления полученных знаний с использованием информационных технологий.

Цель урока: развитие лингвистических и коммуникативных компетенций по теме: “Scotland: a Country of Traditions. “Highland Games”



  • провести практику монологической и диалогической речевой деятельности и аудирования;
  • практиковать использование методики прогнозирования при чтении;
  • расширить лингвострановедческие знания; учить логически строить высказывание;
  • активизировать и расширить лексику по теме.


  • развивать мышление, речь и познавательный интерес.


  • воспитывать уважение к истории и традициям других стран, формировать интерес к изучению культуры и истории разных стран;
  • воспитывать умение работать в парах, группах, самостоятельно.

Оснащение урока: УМК, фильм о Шотландии, мультимедийное оборудование, экран, раздаточный материал (задания, новая лексика).

Ход урока

1.Организационный момент

Good morning! I'm glad to see you. How’s it going?

2. Введение в тему урока

Today we’re going to review everything you know about British traditions. You’ll watch a video about the Highlands of Scotland. You’ll get to know what the Highland Games are, what competitors wear and lots of other interesting things. But before doing that let’s revise what you remember about Britain.

3. Warming – up

Tongue-twister: Can you imagine an imaginary menagerie manager?

Речевая зарядка


You know enough about Britain and its traditions and customs. Now tell me what are your associations when you hear “Scotland”? What does it mean for you?

4. Проверка домашнего задания и закрепление пройденного материала. PowerPoint presentation incl. test.

1.The Shetlanders build a … of a Viking longship and then burn it.


b) model

2. St David’s Day is an important day for … people.

a) Welsh

b) Scottish

3. On May Day young …went to the fields and washed their faces with dew.

a) men


4. On the day of Trooping the Colour of the Queens’s soldiers, march in front of her.

a) the Guards

b) the troopers

5. On the Day of Swan Upping the Queen’s swan keeper marks … swans.

a) young

b) old

6. At Highland Games you can see …

a) only sports competitions

b) sports competitions and dancing.

7. During the State Opening of Parliament the Queen sits on a throne in …

a) the House of Commons

b) the House of Lords

8. Guy Fawkes was … of King James I.

a) a minister

b) an enemy

9. Carols are often sung … houses.

a) outside

b) inside

5. Обучение изучающему чтению.

Pre-reading task

Look at the photos in your sheets of paper. What’s the text going to be about?

While-reading task

Read the text and answer the questions printed below the photos.

Post-reading task

  1. True/False exercise. Correct the false sentences.
  2. Write the questions to the following answers.

the bagpipes, the kilt, and the heavy sports, especially the caber toss, hammer throwing and tug-of-war

in Scotland and other countries King Malcolm III Canmore
1991 the best warriors

6. Просмотр фильма “Highlands of Scotland”

Pre – watching task

Listen and repeat: Vocabulary: tug-of-war, throw the hammer, toss the caber, athlete, competitor, arena, Highland fling, sword dance, heather, deer, cattle, loch, ruin, crab, appetising, harbour, delicious, barley. While-watching task Watch the scene about the Highlands and tick the right answers. 1.The Highland Games are:

  • sporting competitions
  • sporting and music competitions
  • music competitions

2.Highland Scotland:

  • is mountainous and wild
  • has no animal life
  • is mostly flat

3.Scottish rivers are good for:

  • salmon and whisky
  • monsters
  • swimming

Post-watching task:

  1. Answer the questions. Ex.3
  2. Look at the pictures and phrases below. Which picture goes with which picture?

7.Совершенствование навыков диалогической речи.

Role play

Student A

You’ve just made a film about Highlands of Scotland, it was a huge success, and now you are invited to “Today” show where you’ve got to present your film to the best advantage. You’re supposed to answer interviewer’s questions on the following points:

Highland Games:

  • how people call it;
  • the role of music;
  • when Games are held;
  • the most popular Scottish dances;
  • clothes
  • tossing the caber; tug-of-war; hammer throwing.
  • the Royal Family

Student B

You’re the host of “Today” show. You’ve invited a famous traveler who’s just made a film about Highlands of Scotland. Your job is to ask questions to know as much information as possible.

  1. How do people call Highland Games?
  2. Is music important at these competitions?
  3. When are the Games held?
  4. What are the most popular Scottish dances?
  5. What do sportsmen, dancers and judges wear?
  6. What does “tossing the caber” mean? What other heavy sports are included in Highland Games?
  7. Does the Royal Family watch Highland Games?

8. Подведение итогов.

I hope you had a great time today. Thanks for your work! I wish everyone a real travel to Scotland to experience its unique beauty and get captivated by contrasts. Your hometask is to make a leaflet “Highlands of Scotland” using A4 format. Don’t forget to make it informative and colorful keeping in mind the main goal of leaflets – to attract tourists. Your marks are…